Who We Are?

Host Me is a Webhosting Company and was setup in 2017 to really target and personalize the way in which webhosting is offered in New Zealand.

Host Me is dedicated to creating a unique market where we have a plan which is able to meet most peoples needs, but we also know that no two sites are identical, and no two clients needs are identical. So we can modify our packages to suit your needs.

Being Kiwi Owned and Operated is a big influence to many decisions being made so we will always be Kiwi Owned and Operated. We believe this gives us an edge over some providers of webhosting.

With our base in NZ we are GST Registered and comply with all New Zealand laws and tax regulations.


Our Mission, is to create a personalized approach to every clients needs, whilst providing a Reliable, Affordable Service that is Kiwi Owned and Operated.


Our Vision, is to become a recognizable hosting brand which is known for its Reliability and Affordability whilst being Kiwi Owned and Operated.
We expect the need for personalized webhosting services to increase in the next few years, We see this as a great market and will push towards the top end of the Independent Webhosting Market

Customer Satisfaction and Referrals are a key part of our business, So our vision is based around this, Our goals are achievable with your help, We will treat you as a Valued Customer, not a Statistic.

Our Management Team

Mark Claire

Riba San

Seza Bent

In Our Datacenter we only use the latest in Dell or HP Servers, Cisco Routers, N1+ UPS Redundant power and much more.

Why Choose Us ?

Host Me was setup to provide a Kiwi Owned and Operated Webhosting company that provided a Reliable, Affordable, solution which is packed with value-add benefits.
We believe we have achieved this. But don’t take our word for it, try us risk free for 30 Days if you aren’t completely satisfied our services live up to the expectations we publish we will refund your money for your Hosting Fees.


24/7 Support

Outstanding Uptime